Daily historical screenshots of web sites, email campaigns, and social media

  • See what sales all of these brands offered last Cyber Monday

  • Competitor Screenshots can help answer questions like... What sale was Petco.com running for Labor Day?

  • Keep up to date on every brand
    that you’re following
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Gain valuable and previously unavailable insight into your competitors’ past promotional efforts (and your own!)

Better understand your competitive landscape

Compared to other websites in your industry, are you more active in updating your site? Do you send more or less email? Do you run more or less frequent promotions, of greater or lesser value? Are you more or less active in social media than your competition?

Strategically prepare for promotions, sales and special offers with a thorough analysis of your competition’s past digital marketing initiatives

When planning your upcoming marketing and promotions calendar, consider what your competitors did on the same days last year, on their website, in email campaigns, and on social media.

Identify peaks and valleys in your own day-to-day revenues

Connect the dots and clearly see which website changes, email promotions or social media posts drive traffic, conversions, and sales.

More effectively time the sending of your email campaigns and coordination of social media activity

Consider when your competitors are sending email campaigns and target to be there when they are, or identify gaps when no messages are being sent in your industry.

Predict what promotions your competitors may be running soon

Find patterns in the timing of your competitors promotions or messaging. Do they run a big “one day only” offer the last Monday of every month? Does a big site-wide sale usually run on their website three days following a private email campaign running the same sale?

Add our comprehensive visualizations to your existing digital marketing tools to get the most complete picture of the competition’s marketing efforts

You can see when competitor’s traffic spikes or drops through other third-party services, but what led to those changes? Our historical mapping of marketing messages is the missing piece to a more successful data-driven strategy.